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School Fantasies - Rated NC17

"Fred!" I enter the flat and call his name again, dropping my bag of school books and work onto the ground by the door. I peel off my robes and hang them up before wandering farther into the flat. I see some leftover chinese food on the counter and a few scattered books on Fred's desk by the balcony. I smile to myself, pleased that he's been studying for his NEWTs as much as I have. Hogwarts was a completely different experience and it's helped me keep my mind off the fact that my mother hasn't been in contact with me since she found out about Fred and Nicholas. I missed her and it was disheartening that she hasn't bothered to seek me out or write to me. I was almost afraid to go to Faerie Ridge to see her, but it had to be done and tomorrow after lunch with Fleur, I was going to see if mother would see me. Surely some of her anger had to be ebbed by now and she missed me. I always knew mere was a stubborn woman, proud and strong. I knew what happened with Nicholas upset her...but she had to see the imbecile Nicholas was. How could she defend any man who would attack me the way he had?


I turn away from his desk and see Fred enter the room from the loo. A simple white towel is wrapped around his waist as he shakes another towel over his damp hair. "I thought you were studying?"

"Madam Pince tossed us out after nine," I explain. "And since I'm not an overnight student..."

"You walked back from Hogwarts this late alone?" he asks, his voice marred with concern as he brings the towel down over his head. "You should have owled me."

"It's okay." I cross to him and smile, my hands wandering over his heated chest, still damp from his shower. "I didn't want to wait with Filch at the gates. He's kind of creepy...his cat hisses at me."

"Still, it makes me feel better to know you have someone with you after dark." Fred lifts his hand and pushes a strand of my hair behind my ears. "But since you're home..." He bends down and kisses me. I part my lips, moaning softly when his tongue slips into my mouth and strokes against mine languidly. His hand curves over the nape of my neck before I feel his fingers curl over my shoulder. He pulls away and smirks as he takes in my outfit. "I've always loved Hogwarts' uniforms." Fred's fingers drift over the knot of my Ravenclaw colored tie.

I laugh and place my hands on my hips. "Is it the tie or the skirt?"

"It's all of it. The tie, the skirt, the blouse..." His hands fall to my own and he bends slightly until his fingers slip up under the hem of the wool skirt. "The socks and the shoes."

My arms wrap around his neck and I press my body flush up against his own. My grin deepens when I feel his arousal pushing through the towel. "I bet you fantasized about girls in these uniforms, didn't you?"

"Every guy did," he admits, lifting me against him. His hands grip my thighs and he carries me toward the bed. "I liked wondering what certain girls wore underneath..." Fred sets me on the bed and I lean back on my elbows before bringing both of my legs up and bending them at the knee. Fred runs his hands up my thighs, pushing the material of my skirt up to my waist. He eyes drift to the silk panties I'm wearing and I see them darken with arousal. "Gods."

He lowers himself on the bed and settles between my thighs. I bite my lower lip, my eyes growing heavy as he pushes his tongue through the silk material, pushing it against my clit. I release a long breath and close my eyes as he nips and licks against my panties before his thumbs hook inside of them and he pulls them off. I reach forward to take off my shoes but Fred grabs my hands quickly and lifts them up over my head, pushing me back onto the mattress. "Keep those on," he demands hoarsely and I blink before biting my lip again as a smile threatens. I nod and keep my arms above my head when he releases me. He tugs off his towel and drops it to the ground before he hovers over me and pulls my tie loose. His hands move quickly to my blouse where he begins to unbutton it. His palms brush over my silk bra and he squeezes my breasts gently before he bends down to kiss my stomach.

The sensations flood me and I relax as I enjoy the feel of his lips and hands on my partially clothed body. His erection pushes against my thigh, hot and heavy and I ache for him to fill me. My fingers tangle in his hair when he captures my lips with his own and our tongues duel for possession. I nip at his lower lip, gasping softly when his hand grips my hair tightly. He jerks my head back and his mouth sears my throat.

"Fred," I whisper, my hands clutching at his back and shoulders and I struggle to feel every inch of him against me. "Goddess, please..."

Fred rears back, his hands strong and demanding as he grips my hips and turns me over onto my stomach. I inhale sharply and reach out to grab the bedpost as Fred pushes my skirt up over my bottom and lifts me. His hand slips between my legs and I cry out when his fingers push into me. My teeth bite harder into my lip as I move wantonly against him, eager to feel the earth shattering climax I know only he can bring me too. He strokes me with his fingers until I am trembling and arching, my fingernails digging into the wood of the bedpost.

When he pulls away, I whine loudly in protest, about to turn to attack him myself, but his hands hold me still and his cock pushes into me in one fluid motion, jarring me forward. Pleased, I arch against him again and push my body back to take him deeper. He keeps a hold of my hips and begins to thrust in earnest, his harsh breathing drowned out by my cries. The bed shakes beneath us, the room grows hot as I lick my lips and gasp for breath. Fred's body covers my own and he forces me down onto mattress as his cock pummels me.

"Gabrielle," he groans, his lips against my shoulder. I feel his breath, hot through the material of my blouse and he tangles his hand in my hair as he takes me harder. His knee pushes between my thighs, spreading them wide before he arches my hips up again, his cock sinking in deeper. I clench around him, my climax shattering inside of me deliciously. My entire body shakes and I moan happily as he continues to move, his sporadic breaths telling me he is close. He tenses several moments later after burying himself roughly inside of my body and I feel his cock swell before his low growl signals his release.

We're a mess, a tangle of limbs as we both pant, eager to cool the heat flowing through our bodies. When Fred finally pulls out of me, he rolls me back over onto my back and kisses me again before he collapses next to me. "Damn, I missed you today."

"I missed you too," I tell him, reaching out to caress his cheek. My body is hot and sweaty under my clothes and I push myself up again before taking his hand. "Come on."

"Where are we going?" he asks sleepily.

"To take a shower."

"I already took one."

"You need another," I tell him with a smile. "Besides, I need someone to wash my back."

He opens his eyes then and I see his lips curve. "And all those other hard to reach places."

I smile mischievously before tugging him up off the bed. "You're catching on."
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