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Planning a Future - NC17

"Fred!" With the two letters clutched in my hands, I rush into Zonkos' breathless from my hurried trek from our flat upstairs. "Fred." The door slams behind me and I search for the familiar ginger hair, grinning widely when I see him stocking the shelves on the other side of the store. I ignore the odd looks from customers and wave quickly at the clerk behind the counter before I walk briskly to Fred's side.

"What's uo, Gabs?" he asks distractedly, looking up to find the proper spot for a armful of boxes in his hand.

"NEWTs," I tell him, my smile widening when he pauses and snaps his gaze to mine. He eyes drift to the envelopes in my hands and I see him pale slightly. "Our results came in."

"Results," he murmurs, kneeling to drop the boxes into a larger crate before he straightens and turns to me, shoving his hands into his pockets. I see his anxiousness, but I feel confident for us both so I lift the envelopes, the Hogwarts Confidential red seal on the front of each letter addressed to us separately. I keep mine close to my chest and offer him his.

He reaches out to take it, then pulls his hand back quickly before he chuckles nervously. "You open it."

"Me?" Excited, I roll back on the heels of my...well my my haste to get downstairs after the mail arrived, I realize I forget to put on my shoes. Ignoring that fact, which was probably the reason for the strange looks, I bite my lower lip and begin to peel the envelope open.

"Wait!" Fred grabs my hand and pulls me to the back of the store and into his small office. He shuts the door and I walk in and sit on the edge of his desk before I open his letter and read. I keep my expression calm as my eyes soak in the news from Hogwarts. Lifting my gaze over the parchment, I see Fred's eyes stabbing into me, his arms folded across his chest and a less than patient look on his face. I say nothing and his face suddenly appears crestfallen.

"Shite, I've buggered them, haven't I?"

I can't keep it in any longer and I smile as I thrust the letter at him. "Seven NEWTs, Fred. You did it."

"Seven? I got seven?" He snatches the letter and reads it as if it were too good to be true. "Bloody effing hell, I got seven effing NEWTs." His smile is wide and I can see the relief and pride in his eyes as he straightens and puffs his chest out slightly. "I could have been Head Boy, you know."

Laughing, I nod. "I don't doubt it."

Fred's eyes fall to the envelope still in my hand and he nods pointedly. "Are you going to open yours?"

"I..." Looking down at the envelope, I realize my entire future could be scribbled onto this parchment. My mother had asked me to send her the results...would she still want them? Would she care about my success, or lack of, if I told her I married Fred without her consent or blessing? My teeth dig deeper into my lower lip and I suddenly don't feel as giddy. I feel ill. Paling, I look up at Fred and thrust out my arm. "I can't."

He takes the letter from me and sighs, stepping closer until he is nestled between my thighs. I place my hands on his hips loosely as he begins the torturous process of opening the envelope. "You worry too much, Gabrielle."

Clenching my eyes shut, I wait. "Just tell me..."

There is several long moments of silence and I feel, hear, my heart thumping in my chest. Sucking in a breath, I open my eyes and look up to see Fred watching me, adoration in his eyes as he slowly turns the letter around to face me. I skim quickly and then squeal. "Eleven! I passed eleven....oh Goddess...." Ecstatic I grab him toward me, trying not to bounce around on his desk. "Eleven!"

"Eleven is a respectable number," Fred nods, his tone calm and nonchalant. But when I look up his eyes are twinkling with amusement. He leans down to kiss me and I sigh happily against his lips. "You're borderline genius, love," he says when he pulls back. His eyes graze the letter again. "Damn, the Ministry is going to be all over you."

"What do you mean?" I ask, taking the letter from him and his hands fall to my thighs.

"Jobs. They're going to want to employ you and pay you a mere handful of Knuts for your brilliant mind."

"Aveline makes good money at the Ministry," I point out, still unsure if I'm really reading that I passed eleven NEWTs in only a few months at Hogwarts.

"Aveline is also in a position of power, so to speak. She started out as an Auror didn't she? They don't make much of anything starting out. Gods, you're not going to be an Auror, are you?"

I make a doubtful sound and wrinkle my nose. "I don't think being an Auror is something I would be good at. Too dangerous. Do you think your brother needs helps with Dragons?"

Fred laughs and runs his hands through my unruly hair, still wet and tangled from the shower I had just finished when the mail arrived. "You don't want to be an Auror because it's too dangerous, but you want to deal with talons and a large animal breathing fire?"

"Touche," I murmur, setting aside my letter as I reach for him again. His fingers had slipped my skirt up and I lean forward and nuzzle my nose against his shirt. "I didn't mean to interrupt you at work."

He shifts his head until his lips press against my throat and his hands continue to push my skirt farther up until it rests at my hips. "I'm not complaining."

"We're in your office," I whisper, my eyes darting to the door leading out into the store whether people continued to shop. His clerk could walk in at any second... "Fred."

His tongue is doing wonderful things to my neck, his hands causing me to squirm. Suddenly he stops and pulls back, glancing down at my lap. He cocks an eyebrow at me and I shrug. "I was in a hurry."

Fred leans over me, causing me to brace myself on his desk as I move back to accommodate his towering body. I watch him under my lashes, my tongue swiping over my bottom lip as he shifts and then cups my heat, his fingers taking advantage of the fact that I was wearing no knickers. His fingers slip between my folds and rub over my slick clit, his mouth capturing mine and muffling my moan.

"Got to be quiet," he mutters against my lips, stroking me feverishly as I reach up to grip his shoulder with a free hand. My nails dig into him, my head falling back as my toes curl against the back of his thighs. My body is heated already and extremely damp between my thighs. My nipples poke through the thin material of my t-shirt and Fred groans, bending awkwardly to take one into his mouth. I feel his breath hot against my shirt, burning into my skin as his teeth nip. I rock my hips against his hand, suddenly not caring that anyone could hear...anyone could walk in. My body tingles with the anticipation and I open my eyes when he releases my breast. We watch one another, our breathing hot and uneven as we both try to maintain our control. "Come for me, love," he whispers and I feel his thumb circle my clit. I arch and strain against him, clenching my teeth as the heat becomes a furnace. Teetering on the edge, I push into his hand harder, about to fall as he captures my cries with his mouth again.

But before I come, he snatches his hand away. Growling in frustration, I nearly scold him for being so cruel, but I don't have time before he grabs both of my wrists and jerks me from the desk. My bare feet slap against the floor as I land and I yelp before he turns me around, his jean covered erection digging into my bottom before he bends me over. His hand closes over the nape of my neck and I place my palms on the desk, bracing as I hear his zipper lower quickly.

"I want to be inside you when you come," Fred says, his lips pressed against my ear as he leans over me, guiding his penis into my body. I push back against him, moaning softly as he slips into me easily. His groan is low and perfect in my ear and I turn my head to find his lips with my own. When our tongues meet, he begins to move, slowly at first. He pleasures me with smooth, firm strokes, making me forget completely the bite of the desk in my hips.

"" I manage between kisses and he returns the affection quietly, his forehead falling to my shoulder. Our bodies move together perfectly and I close my eyes, savoring each thrust. I feel Fred's hands move over me, sliding over my shoulders before the dip below to my breasts. He slips them under the hem of the t-shirt until his hands cup them both as he pushes deeper into me.

"Gods, I love to fuck you," he laments, his voice low and hoarse behind me. I smile, feeling quite desirable as his hands tighten around my breasts and he trembles under the urge to maintain his own control. "Your breasts are perfect."

I release a low laugh that ends on a moan when his hand reaches beneath me again and grazes my clit. He moves my hair from my neck and kisses it, biting gently with his teeth. "Your pussy is perfect too."

"Fred," I gasp before I turn to try and look at him. He takes a fistful of my hair and keeps me in place, pushing me lower against the desk as his thrusts become more forceful and quick. "Oh, Goddess, yes....don't stop."

"You like it?" Fred growls, rocking his hips against mine harder. "Do you like it when I fuck you like this?"

"Yes!" I pant, my fingers splaying and then scraping against the desk as I give into the arousal burning in my blood. "I love it when you fuck me."

Fred groans again at my words and I feel the sharp plunging of his cock into me in response. His fingers rub at my swollen clit and my orgasm begins to build, bringing me deliriously close to pain as I strain to achieve release. I can feel weight lifted and I know he has straightened behind me, his free hand grabbing my hip, lifting me onto my toes. His cock fucks me at a deeper angle and I cry out, oblivious now to the public outside. I feel the sharp slap of his palm against my bottom before I feel his finger, wet now, pushing between my bottom.

I don't protest this time, instead I bite my lip hard, pushing my hips back against his faster as I pulse around him, needing to come. When his finger slips into my bottom, I feel it unexpectedly and slam my palm down against the desk as I shatter. "Yes!"

"Fuck, yes," Fred moans, his hips now pistoning against mine, my hips bruising now against the desk. He slams into me, his fingers still torturing me as my climax still soars within me.

"Come," I demand breathlessly. "Come inside me..."

He's silent now, focused on his own release. His cock is relentless, stabbing into me with an intensity that explodes with passion as he comes. He shouts my name, rocking against me until he slows and finally stops. We both stand there for several moments, catching our breath and slowing our heart rates. Finally he pulls out of me and grabs his wand teetering on the edge of the desk. He performs a cleaning spell on us both and when I feel fresher, I push away from the desk, smoothing my skirt over my hips. I pull my shirt down and turn to face him. He gathers me to him quickly, kissing me passionately.

"Was that a celebratory shag?" I ask playfully when he releases me. Fred grins and I reach up to smooth away his hair from his forehead.

"We'll call that one the Eleven Newt Shag."

"Oh?" Quirking an eyebrow, I cross my arms against my chest. "We're naming our shag sessions now?"

"Sure." He strokes his chin thoughtfully. "Now, we have the Eleven Newt Shag. When should we try the Seven Newt Shag?"

"Well...come home after work," I begin, my voice quiet as I run my hands up his chest. "Get naked and lay in bed...I'll wear that red thing you like--"

"With the stockings?"

"With the stockings," I agree with a seductive smile as I slip my finger over his lips. "We'll see what we can come up with for the Seven Newt Shag."

"Brilliant," Fred replies before pulling me to him again. "Have I mentioned how much I love my brilliant wife?"

I wrap my arms around his neck and sigh happily. "Yes, but I never tire of hearing it."

"I love you, Gabs," he responds simply, resting his forehead against mine.

"I love you too," I tell him, running my hand over the nape of his neck. Our results were in, school was behind us, our future now in front of us. And what a bright one it was going to be.
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