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"A Different Kind of Distraction" May 15 NC-17

Fred has been studying for the upcoming NEWTs all weekend. I watched him at work, sneaking glances at his textbooks under the countertop in between customers, eating lunch with me in his office and dropping crumbs from his sandwich onto his parchment as I quizzed him. He was studying more than I was and I would have been lying if I said I wasn't jealous of the attention he was giving those books over me since Friday. But I was proud of him and the way he was going about finishing school in a technical term now and I hoped all of his hardwork would pay off when he got his results in June.

But we still had plenty of time to study and I was itchy now for some attention. I studied myself in the mirror, trying not to blush at my appearance. I had never worn make-up before. Mere had always told me I was too beautiful and had refused to let Fleur teach me beauty charms. But Mary was more than happy to help me Friday afternoon and now my lips were painted a shade of red that would make even Fleur blush. It matched the red of my negligee I bought a few days earlier. My lashes were thicker, darker and the soft blush on my cheeks hid my own natural embarrassment. Fred was going to laugh at me, I just knew it.

"This is stupid," I lament, attempting to pull up the red silk that plunged so daringly between my breasts. "I look stupid." Deep down I thought I looked amazing, but this wasn't me. Still, I remember overhearing Fleur once telling Aveline how important it was to keep things in the bedroom interesting. Apparently Bill had a fetish for Fleur in garters and high heels but I hadn't worn heels in my life and I was not about to try them for the first time attempting to be a sexy siren for my boyfriend.

With a deep breath, I ran the brush through my hair once more, pleased when the pale strands fell and curled over the tops of my breasts. I was a Veela for Goddess sake. I was suppose to be natural at this sort of thing.


I can hear Fred in the other room, his tone distracted. He was studying again.

"Yes?" I call back, listening for his response.

"You all right in there?"

"Just changing for bed," I reply loudly. Silence greets me and I swallow hard before straightening and searching deep for the Veela I knew I could be. I pull open the bedroom and find Fred immediately on the bed. His chest and feet are bare, but he still wears his trousers. He holds a book, resting it on his thighs as he reads in the candlelight. The balcony doors are shut now to keep the chilly breeze out. I step out, shut the door quietly and walk toward the bed.

"Hey, did you know that--" Fred lifts his eyes from his book. ""

Pleased with his reaction, he continues to stutter as I stand at the foot of the bed, chewing gently at my bottom lip. His eyes drift from my face to my body and back again. "Bloody hell."

I get onto the bed, crawling to Fred on my knees before I straddle his thighs and take the book from his clenched fingers. I set it aside and lean forward, caging him in between my arms as my fingers curl over the wood of the headboard. He continues to stare at me, his lips parted in surprise.

"I thought you might want a study break," I tell him huskily, trying not to giggle when I feel him hard between my legs already. I settle on his lip, rocking over his trousers slowly before I move my hands to his shoulders. Fred swallows hard and reaches up, pushing my hair back behind my shoulders to expose the curves of my breasts. I reach under his chin and tilt his head up until our eyes meet. Leaning down I cover his mouth with mine, slipping my tongue past his lips and drawing forth a moan from his throat. His hands run over my body before they reach my hips where I continue to rock over his lap. My body heats and my thighs clench as our tongues stroke together, arousing me quickly.

His chest is hard under my palms, his stomach muscles quivering when I rake my nails down over them gently. I reach the button of his trousers as I pull away from him and he continues to watch me as I open them, moving his zipper down over his erection.

"You look..." Fred mutters, shaking his head as his hands continue to roam over the silk. "You're killing me here."

As it's quite obvious Fred isn't going to laugh at me, I feel much more confident as I bend over and place my lips against his chest. My tongue flicks out, tasting his skin as I work his erection from his trousers. He shivers beneath me, one hand tangling in my hair as I trail soft, wet kisses down his body. His breath is uneven now, harsh as I move my tongue down the trail to the open vee of his trousers. His hand clenches and unclenches in my hair as I shift and kiss the tip of his erection softly.

He mutters an oath under his breath and when I look up, he thunks his head back against the headboard, his eyes closed. I feel quite powerful right now and I brush my cheek over the velvety tip. "Do you want me to suck you, Fred?"

His eyes snap open and he lifts his head, peering down at me through surprised eyes. He nods with another hard swallow and I smile slyly, running the pad of my tongue over his cock firmly. "You want me to suck your cock."

"Yes, Gods, yes," he rasps and now both hands are in my hair, trying to guide me to his length. He shifts restlessly beneath me and I decide to take pity on him before I slip my lips around him and take him into my mouth. I hold the base of his cock with my other hand and focus on bringing him as much pleasure as I can. He strokes the sides of my face before he runs his hands through my hair again. "So beautiful, Gabrielle..." I hear his whisper and remember what I learned from Mary. Relax your throat...relax...don't gag...

I relax my throat and am surprised when I am able to take his entire length into my throat. I pause, not wanting to gag on his size before it passes and I suckle hard around him. Fred tenses, his hiss loud before he groans and thrusts up gently. "Fuck!"

It seems he likes it, so I bob my head up and down, my crimson colored nails digging into the material of his trousers. Fred begins to move, pushing into my mouth as his moans break the silence of the bedroom. His fingers curl around my hair and he tugs painfully, pulling me quickly up and off him. I look at him quizzically and he shakes his head, panting. "I was going to come..."

"Why didn't you?" I ask, wrapping my fingers around him and stroking. He hisses again and reaches down to still my wrist. He doesn't answer, and instead nudges me off of him as he begins to push down his trousers. I stop him with both hands and push him back against the headboard before I work his trousers off myself. When he is naked, I run my hands up his thighs, sighing at his perfection. Every freckle, every muscle...he was perfect in my eyes. I straddle his legs again and look at him in the candlelight. His cock twitches eagerly and I can see him grip the blankets, keeping himself from grabbing me. He knew I wanted the control right now and with a small lick of my lower lip, I run my hands over my silk clad breasts. Fred's eyes fall to my hands, following their every move with incredible intensity.

I squeeze my breasts gently before my fingers pinch at my nipples, evident through the material. I moan softly and Fred shifts, licking his own lips down. My hands run down my stomach, gently tugging the red negligee up. It only takes a couple of inches before it exposes my body and I dip my hand between my thighs. The red panties are soft against my fingers and when I slip my hand inside of them, Fred curses again and shifts forward. I am only able to stroke myself a few times before he wraps a hand around me and tugs me toward him. I gasp, holding his shoulders as he looks up at me, his hand replacing mine. He begins to massage me through the panties and I moan softly, my eyes falling heavy with the pleasure. Fred is breathing heavily against my chest and I pull his head back by his hair until I can kiss him again. He works quickly at pulling my panties down and I help him, shifting until they fall from my ankle onto the mattress.

Fred grabs his cock, holding it still as I move upon him, sinking down his length until he is buried deep within me. I quiet his growl with a kiss and I bite his lower lip when I begin to move over him. There's no hurry now, just the quiet rhythm our bodies have long since perfected. His hips thrust up as I push down and my body is shifted just right that my clit comes in contact with his skin as every plunge. I quiver, softly at first before my orgasm begins to peak. Fred kisses my cheek, my jaw and then focuses on my throat as I rotate my hips, clenching his cock tightly inside of my body.

"Fred," I gasp and then cry out again as I come. My nails dig into his shoulders until the tremors ebb and I can find the strength to move again. I don't know how long we rock and pull against each other. I am rather impressed by Fred's stamina and when I open my eyes to look at him, he looks relaxed, lazy almost as he watches me through heavy lids.

Moving harder, I push away from his chest, my thighs tightening. I settle on him now, no longer moving up and down, but rocking, keeping him buried inside of me. Fred's lips part, his soft groans matching my own until his eyes close and his jaw clenches tightly. His hips begin to thrust up again and I let my cries escape as he takes a hold of my hips and begins to guide me.

"Gods," he growls, plunging up harder...harder until I can feel him swell and grow inside of me. "Gabrielle...fuck, yes!"

I watch in awe as he gathers me to him and thrusts up once more before moaning and falling limply back against the headboard. I settle against him, drawing circles on my scratched shoulders idly. It takes several moments before Fred's breathing slows and he turns, burying his face in my hair.

"I didn't recognize you for a moment when you walked into the room."

"Is that good or bad?" I ask nervously, pulling back to look at him. He smiles tiredly, stroking my hair.

"You look gorgeous every day, Gabs. But that...this," he says, taking a piece of the silk in his fingers. "You looked like some kind of wanton sex goddess."

Though I begin to blush, I laugh. "That was the point."

"And watching those red lips wrap around my cock that way." Fred shivers at the memory and grins. "You're unbelievable."

Extremely satisfied, I lean down to kiss him on the lips. "I guess I'll keep this then."

"Good, I like it." He reaches to the hem and pulls it up and off of my body. "But right now I want you naked, underneath me." I yelp as he grabs my thighs and lifts me until I am on my back. Surprised, I watch as Fred covers my body with his, crushes his mouth against mine and then parts my legs quickly. "It's my turn." When he moves down my body and flicks his tongue against me, I smile and grab the bedsheets happily, quickly knocking the school book off the bed beside me.
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